Why having life insurance in your family continuation plan is so critical

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Scenario 2

Your are 30 years old, married with two young children. You love your kids and stress over how on earth you are going to fund their college tuition. What if you purchased a life insurance policy on one or both of your parents? 100% tax free life insurance proceeds may be used to pay for college or help you build-up your retirement account.  Allow us to show you an affordable, tax-free life insurance program that can provide safe, risk-free funding for your children's critical education needs.

If you have grandchildren life insurance is an affordable option to help fund your grand kids college needs or to use as a safe, tax-free wealth transfer strategy.

Jack D. Davis

Owner, Est. 1985

Many people fit into one of these two scenarios.

Scenario 1

You are 35 - 55 years old and have not saved enough in your retirement account.  Sound familiar? As you will agree, it is an unfortunate reality that many people work during their "golden years" because they simply cannot afford a traditional retirement. You may solve this all-too-common financial problem by purchasing a tax free life insurance policy on one or both of your parents. You may purchase as much life insurance as fits into your budget. Many of my clients purchase a life insurance policy on their parents instead of investing in a risky retirement plan. Life insurance proceeds are not tied to risky and unpredictable stock market returns.  Life insurance proceeds are 100% tax free.

What is a family continuation plan?

By purchasing tax-free life insurance on one or both parents, many of my clients have resolved their serious shortfall in their retirement accounts. With over 70% of people not having enough in their retirement account, tax-free life insurance is a smart, safe and wise solution.

Parents always want the best for their children, no matter what ages their "kids" are in life. By purchasing a tax-free life insurance policy on one or more of your parents, you will ensure your retirement years are spent in comfort and stress free. Honestly, isn't that what your parents would wish for you and their grand kids?

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